Gardens and landscapes have many levels, from trees, shrubs, perennial color, annual color, hardscapes, water features and so much more. Likewise, garden designs have many levels. We would be honored to assist you in a garden/landscape design at the level you wish. With each of the options below, your likes, dislikes, wishes and wants are the most important part of the design. Read below for different landscape levels. 

Please give us a call at the garden center to speak with one of our designers and schedule your consultation.

Northeast Columbia: 803-788-1487
Irmo: 803-407-0601

Level 1

On-Site Consult

Our designers are eager to make your landscape dreams a reality. Perhaps you’re an avid gardener who needs fresh ideas and advice. A new homeowner with no idea where to start. Maybe you’ve been in a house for  20 years that needs more curb appeal or you’re looking for a backyard escape and more
outdoor living, this level is for you!

Your landscape designer will spend 1 hour at your property, receiving your input and marking out design ideas for the spaces to be considered. In addition, we are there to give you advice and gardening tips, answering any gardening questions that you may have in regard to plant identification, pruning, plant
recommendation, soil amending, etc.

This level is for small or specific areas of your property. *The fee for this level is $125 for 1 hour, paid at the time of your appointment.

Level 2

Master Plan

Garden and landscape design planning is as extensive as you wish. It can include a design for your front yard, your backyard, or entire property. Our designers have experience with multi-acre plans, memorial gardens, parks, pre-construction site plans, and have worked with the home makeover television producers of The Home Channel’s Fix It & Finish It.

You can complete your blueprint at your own pace, or let us coordinate with our preferred contractors and vendors. Removing, transplanting, installing new plants, hardscapes, water features and more. We’ll be with you through your entire project, if you need.

*Initial $125 fee for a 1-hour on-site consult, paid at the time of your appointment. The total cost for your CAD landscape design rendering and installation will be quote\d by your landscape designer.

Landscape Design

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