Gardens and landscapes have many levels, from trees, shrubs, perennial color, annual color,

hardscapes, water features and so much more. Likewise, garden designs have many levels. 

We would be honored to assist you in a garden/landscape design at the level you wish. With each of the options below,
your likes, dislikes, wishes and wants are the most important part of the design. Read below for different landscape levels.

We Plan, You Plant.

This is perfect for areas such as an entryway, for adding color to an existing bed, creating a herb or cutting garden, or sprucing up a porch or patio area!


On-Site Consult

A landscape designer will spend 1 hour at your home, getting your input and marking out design ideas. *The up-front consultation fee for this level is $125 for 1 hour. Any additional costs will be quoted by your designer.

Your Master Plan

Garden and landscape design planning is as extensive as you wish. You can complete your blueprint at your own pace or let us do the dirty work! We can help remove, transplant, install new plantings, hardscapes, water features and more! *The total cost for installation will be quoted by your landscape designer.

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