Trees & Shrubs: 6 Months
Outdoor Palm Trees: 90 Days
Houseplants, Bonsai & Perennials: 30 Days
*Annual plants are NOT guaranteed

Guaranteed from the date of purchase, providing that proper planting instructions have been followed along with proper watering, feeding and spraying for disease and insect control. You must have a cash register sale item receipt. Excludes acts of nature such as weather extremes, plants which have not yet been planted in the ground (trees, shrubs and perennials) and plants that are still in their growing containers.

- No cash refunds on guaranteed items, replacement only.
- Guaranteed items will be replaced ONCE
- Receipt must be present.
- Replacements are not guaranteed on sale items.
- Returns and exchanges are given for the value of the original purchase.




· $1 in Blooming Bucks is earned for every qualifying $20 spent at Woodley’s.

· Blooming Bucks do not expire and may be used for up to 50% off of your next pre-tax purchase. (Example: A maximum of $10 in Blooming Bucks may be redeemed on a purchase total of $21.59)

· Blooming Bucks may be earned with but may not be redeemed on purchases of sale items and/or in addition to the use of coupons or group discounts (Landscape Contractor, Master Gardener, etc.)
*Bucks may be redeemed instead of group discounts if the amount of Bucks is greater than discount.

· If you redeem Blooming Bucks with a purchase, you do not receive any in return for that purchase.

· Blooming Bucks may not be earned or redeemed on purchases of sod, pine straw,
wheat straw, gift cards, deliveries / installations, labor or landscape design fees.



We are more than happy to deliver and install for you!

Guidelines for Delivery:

- $3 per mile for delivery (just one way).

- If you would like your delivery installed,
set-up or planted, the labor fee is $60 per hour per installer. Minimum labor fee
charge is $60.


At the register, we will gladly take your
information for delivery/installation. Our
installers will contact you to set a date.

Fertilizing Lawn-darker.jpg


The landscape around your home is a real investment! When you join Signature Green by Woodley's, we will put your landscape on a healthy, nutrient-rich schedule which consists of treating with pre-emergent, post-emergent, fertilization, and insecticide.

Other services include Lawn Dethatching, Core Aeration, Lime Applications and Fungus Treatments. All you have to do is water at the proper time, then sit back and enjoy a healthy landscape.

Contact Signature Green and watch your landscape go from barely surviving to thriving! 

Signature Green Lawns
*Areas East of Broad River
(803) 849-4300

Signature Green West
*Areas West of Broad River
(803) 297-4045



You're busy. Planning details can change at a moment's notice. We really get it, which is why offering professional, reliable service is our priority! Woodley's has been your local source for landscaping plants, gardening supplies, unique giftware and more since 1981. Our years of experience help us select the right plants for the right places. Our plant rentals provides healthy plants for any occasion with all of the work done for you!

Choose from our many trees, shrubs, and tropical plants for your event without having to buy and keep up with them! We deliver, set up and pick up!  Our regular delivery fee will apply, separately, from rental fees.

Call either store to book your plant rental!

Two Notch Location
(803) 788-1487

Irmo Location
(803) 407-0601




Nature never goes out of style! Our gift cards make gift-buying easy for any occasion and anyone on your list. Our gift cards can be redeemed at either of our locations and do not expire -- You choose the amount!

Each time you purchase a Woodley's Gift Card, we will make record of the purchase date, card number, gift card buyer and recipient to insure purchase history in case of a lost or stolen card.

Gift cards may be used in addition with Blooming Bucks and you may use more than one gift card on a purchase. You may not use Blooming Bucks to purchase gift cards and do not receive Blooming Bucks in purchasing gift cards.

Gift card balances can be checked at the register if you are unsure amount.

Woodley's Gift Card may be purchased over the phone or in store!

Northeast Columbia 803-788-1487

Irmo: 803-407-0601



Sooner or later, repotting house plants
becomes necessary. Plants should be moved into larger containers as they grow. Unless more space is provided for the plant's roots, they can become pot-bound.

Bring in your containers and let us do the work for you! Soil fees may apply.